Our Sevices

Binga Energy provides services in exploration, production and exploitation of geo-energy resources including natural hydrocarbons & geothermal energy.

Our Services

Technical Consultancy Services

Through our Technical Consultancy services we put our core technical competences at the services of our shared oil and gas, geothermal, CCUS and energy storage projects.

  • Resource Evaluation
  • Field Development Planning
  • Lifecycle Analysis
  • Geology & Geophysics
  • Static Reservoir Modeling
  • Reservoir Management
  • Production Optimization
  • Waste Management
  • Formation Damage
  • Well Stimulation
  • Water Management
  • Water Shutoff
  • Gas Shutoff
  • IOR & EOR full cycle
    • Screening, select and feasibility study
    • Numerical modelling for EOR evaluation
    • Laboratory analyses and design
    • Design, support, evaluation of and performance control during
    • Injectivity testing or Single Well Chemical Tracer Testing (SWCTT)
    • Interwell & Full-field

Laboratory Services

Our Laboratory Services put critical our data collection analysis capabilities the services of our or shared oil and gas, geothermal, CCUS and energy storage projects.

  • CT and Micro CT Scanning
  • Regular Core Analysis (RCA)
  • Special Core Analysis (SCAL)
  • PVT Analysis
  • CT Scanned Core-flood Testing:
    • Smart water-flooding
    • Polymer, surfactant, ASP
    • Gas and foam EOR
    • Formation Damage
    • Well Stimulation
    • Water & Gas Shutoff

Training Courses

Our training courses are designed to continuously enhance the technical competences of your staff. They will often be offered as part of the our delivery of consultancy services and focus thus on our core areas of intervention. We also offer short courses, with duration from 2 through 15 days, on a specific of subject of your interest. Pleas download the brochure of available courses here.